Town of Westport Island

Board of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Meeting

January 23, 2012



George D. Richardson, Jr, Gerald A. Bodmer & Ross Norton

Citizens: Neil & Ann Cavanaugh, Carole Bodmer, Bill Cooney, Ruth Nelson, Mary Ellen Barnes

Guests: none


1. BOS Meeting Commenced:

George called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


Business Conducted;


2. Warrant:

George motioned to approve Warrant # 30 for a total of $10,828.68†††

(Payroll- $2,696.75, Payables- $8,131.93); Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


3. BOS Minutes:

Ross motioned to accept the minutes of January 16, 2012; Jerry 2nd, vote 2-0


4. Citizens Issues:

Mary Ellen Barnes (Chairperson History Committee) advised the BOS that she would like to hold a presentation of the digital glass lantern slides on either Feb.4 or Feb.18 @ possibly 2 p.m. in the Town Office assembly area. The BOS agreed with either date.


5. Baker Road Obstruction Issue:

George advised the BOS that he had sent photoís taken at Baker Road on 01/22/12, that showed the obstructionís were not removed, to Attorney Bill Dale and was waiting his direction on how to proceed. George further advised the Mr. Dale told him that the attorney representing Mr. Wollins in this matter was Richard Elliot.


6. Ad Hoc School Research Committee:

The BOS discussed the names of several candidates for positions on the committee as well as directives for them when they get organized. George will ask the Town Clerk to draw up appointment papers for approval at the next BOS meeting.


7. Local Food Ordinance (E-Mail From The Town Of Sedgwick):

George motioned to table the issue pending further consideration: Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


8. Town Hall Heating Issue:

Bill Cooney advised the BOS that he checked with Down East Energy about the cost of the recent Town Hall furnace repair and was told that it was $588.55. George & Ross recommended that Bill look into replacement of the stack blower system that caused the problem.


9. Municipal Landing Parking Area Winter Plowing and Sanding:

At the recommendation of area resident Richard DeVries, George discussed with the BOS the current method being used that was considered to be excessive. The BOS decided to let Ross talk with Gary Cromwell the possibility of easing back with his efforts in the Ferry Landing parking area.


10. Sachetti Issue:

George motioned to table discussion about the Sachetti OBD and disposal system problems until further info on the DEP enforcement issues were provided:

Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


11. Resignation & Appointment:

George acknowledged Bill Hopkinsí request to drop his position of Chairman of the Conservation Commission to become an Associate Member.

Further, the BOS accepted Billís resignation from the Budget Committee.


12. Amistadi Tree & Brush Cutting Violation:

George advised that the letter of direction has finally been received from the DEP and tabled action until the BOS has had further discussion with the CEO.


††††††††††††††††††††††† 13. Shellfish Wardens Appointments:

George motioned to appoint four DEP Certified Shellfish Wardens (Lincoln Richardson, Jay Seigars, Clem Sledge & Adam Webber) as Westport Island Shellfish Wardens with the terms expiring on Dec. 31, 2012; Ross 2nd, vote 3-0


14. Presidents Day Feb. 23:

At the request of the Town Clerk to learn if the BOS would hold the BOS meeting at

7 p.m. that evening, the BOS agreed that they were planning on it.


15. Meeting Adjourned:

George moved to adjourn the meeting at 08:05 p.m.; Ross 2nd, vote 3-0



Respectfully submitted,



George D. Richardson, Jr. 1st Selectman



Gerald A. Bodmer††††††††††† 2nd Selectman




Ross Norton†††††††††††††††††††† 3rd Selectmen