MARCH 16, 2009




Board members:  George D. Richardson, Jr., Brenda J. Bonyun and Ross Norton

Citizens:  Dennis Dunbar

Guests:  Charlotte Boynton of the Wiscasset Newspaper and Greg Foster of  the Lincoln County News


Meeting Commenced:


1.       The meeting was convened at 12:00 noon.


Business Conducted:


2.  Warrant No. 37 for $5862.52 was reviewed. George moved to approve; Ross, 2nd; Vote:  3-0.

3.      The minutes of March 9, 2009 were reviewed. George moved to approve; Brenda, 2nd;              Vote:  3-0.

4.      Bob Mooney had a suggestion to make it easier to get reimbursement from FEMA following storms. The Road Commissioner and road crews should keep a daily diary of work done including which truck picked up or spread sand or salt, receipts of supplies purchased for that specific work and debris removed. Notes kept and typed would help as the town gets 75% reimbursement.

5.      George moved to appoint Ben Crehore to the Board of Appeals; Brenda, 2nd; Vote:  3-0.

6.      George moved to reappoint Chris Webber to the Planning Board; Ross, 2nd; Vote:  3-0.

7.      The town received a check for $350 from Ron Harrison toward his debt to the Town for sand.

8.      The County Commissioners found in favor of the Town in the matter of Rum Cove LLC #1 vs. the Assessors of Westport Island because of Rum Cove’s failure to appear.

9.      The treasurer suggested we obtain a tax anticipation loan. George moved to obtain a $300,000 draw down from The First. N.A.  Ross seconded the motion; Vote 3-0.


Meeting Adjourned:


10.  George motioned to adjourn at 1 p.m.; Brenda, 2nd; Vote:  3-0.


Respectfully submitted,




George D. Richardson, Jr.                                  Brenda J. Bonyun                      Ross Norton