Town of Westport Island

Board of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Meeting

May 2, 2011



Selectmen -George D. Richardson, Jr., Gerald A. Bodmer, Ross A. Norton

Citizens- John & Ruth Nelson, Ben Crehore, Neil & Ann Cavanaugh

No Guests


  1. BOS Meeting Commenced:  George called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


Business Conducted:

2. Warrant: George motioned to approve Warrant #47, for a total of $2,370.07

     (Payroll - $1,252.14 and Payables - $1,117.93):  Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


3. BOS Minutes:

    George motioned to accept the minutes of April 25, 2011 as written; Ross 2nd, vote 2-0 with Jerry abstaining


4. RSU Reapportionment Committee:

    George read a letter from the Supt. of Schools, Greg Potter that requested each town provide (2) members of the

    community to serve with a current school board member on a Reapportionment Committee for RSU-12. Jerry

    Bodmer (2nd Selectman), Sandra Crehore with Dennis Dunbar as an alternate and Richard DeVries RSU 12

    School Board Committee member.


5. Three Year Bid Contract for Winter Plowing and Sanding on Town Roads:

    George requested authorization to advertise for a three year bid contract for winter plowing and sanding of town

     roads, in three newspapers (Wiscasset Newspaper, Lincoln County Newspaper and the Boothbay Register):

     Ross 2nd, vote 3-0.


6. One Year Bid Contract for Mowing the Town Office and Town Hall Grounds:

    George requested authorization to advertise for a one year bid contract for mowing the Town Office and Town

    Hall grounds, in three newspapers (Wiscasset Newspaper, Lincoln County Newspaper and the Boothbay

    Register): Ross 2nd, vote 3-0


7. Abatement for Adelphia Cable TV:

    George recommended that a certificate of abatement for Adelphia for 2005 & 2006 be signed so that the tax

    collector does not have to keep carrying forward & adding interest as we may or may not receive any money

    from the bankruptcy court: Ross 2nd, vote 3-0







8.  Referendum Questions for Annual Town Meeting:

After reading the favorable comments regarding the legality of the referendum questions from Michael Stultz of MMA, George motioned to authorize the use of the two referendum questions on the proposed conservation land (commonly referred to as the “Barrett/Hopkins property”) on June 24, 2011. 

Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


9. Tree Growth Survey Request from the Taxation Committee:

     George read a request to respond to a survey from the State Taxation Committee and offered to respond to the

     survey three questions about tree growth on Westport Island.


Meeting Adjourned: George moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m.: Ross 2nd, vote 3-0


Respectfully Submitted





George D. Richardson, Jr.                              Gerald A. Bodmer                                          Ross A. Norton

1st Selectman                                                   2nd Selectman                                                  3rd Selectman