May 15, 2007



Board Members: George D. Richardson, Brenda J. Bonyun and John B. Swanton


Citizens: Ben Crehore, Norma Dreyfus, Dennis Dunbar, Albert Greenleaf, Bill Hopkins, Ruth & John Nelson, Susan Partelow and Jon & Marianne Williams


Guest:Charlotte Boynton of the Wiscasset Newspaper


Meeting Commenced:

1. George called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Business Conducted:

2. Susan asked to speak first as she had another meeting to attend.She spoke on two bills received from Newburgh Associates.She had asked Claude to give her opening month information; he did several and charged accordingly.He needed to fix the motor vehicle sticker program for Dedee.Claude charged the town for two attempts at fixing it, but it is still not working properly. He has charged $482 to come here and discuss his program errors. We still have issues with the program. George motioned to table paying any invoices until we meet with Claude (at his expense) to discuss the issues. Jack seconded the motion; Vote: 3-0.


3.Warrant No. 46 for $70,269.21 was reviewed. George moved to approve; Jack, 2nd; Vote: 3-0.


4. The minutes of May 9, 2007 were reviewed. There were two changes. Number 9 was changed to read $20 per mowing and number 11 had added to it, "and a signed letter of correction is received from E. Davies Allan." George moved to accept the minutes as amended; Jack, 2nd; Vote: 2-0. Brenda abstained as she was absent from that meeting.


5. Citizens Issues:

A.The Town Hall Committee has re-evaluated the handicap accessibility with the Road Commissioner and Bill Hopkins.They believe they can put the paved space on the south side. The bidders said the north or south would be the same.The B.O.S. opened two bids.Gene Reynolds of Georgetown bid $3,350 and Hagar of Newcastle bid $4,075.George moved to accept Gene Reynolds bid and he is to provide a certificate of liability insurance. Jack seconded the motion; Vote: 3-0.

B.Albert Greenleaf stated he was confused on the bid as he didn't realize it was to be separated out with the two lawns vs the sides of the roads. He wanted to pull his bid and will bid again only if the job is posted in the paper.

C. Marianne Williams brought a petition article to present to the selectmen. George accepted the petition and informed Marianne the selectmen will get a legal opinion and get back to her.

D. Jon Williams approached the board with questions. He directed George NOT to answer the questions and proceeded with questions such as: What is the total cost of the Ferry Landing? How much of the grant has gone to Pine Tree? What is Bill Dale's bill to date on the Ferry Landing project? How many moorings are in the jetty mooring field plan? How large is the parking lot expansion and how much will the jetty cost?Jon expressed he didn't want answers from George because he believed George had the answers. George left the room. Jack and Brenda conceded they didn't have all of that information in their heads, but would be happy to research it and get back to him.

†††† The meeting became a discussion among Dennis Dunbar, Ruth and John Nelson and the Williamsí.There was talk about the history of the project, the special newsletters that were sent out, the approval by the Shellfish Committee and the Conservation Committee and the voters. John Williams seemed to think the rights of the property are forever gone from the town to the state. Ruth replied the town maintains local control by making local ordinances about number of parking spaces, size of boats and trailers, etc. John Nelson expressed concern the Planning Board has made a decision and that the B.O.S. takes direction from the Board. He questioned whether the petition could override that decision and if the Appeals Board attorney would decide if the appellant has standing. The Board of Selectmen will get a legal opinion and get back to him and Marianne.

E. Dennis Dunbar addressed the board about his numbers with reference to the excess acreage table he has created. He accused the board of the "appearance of abuse of position." Brenda questioned him on that issue and asked him to submit proof. Jack promised to ask Gene Huskins to help him understand about excess acreage as he's the expert.


6. There will be two public hearings on ramps and floats on Wednesday, May 30th,2007: One on McCarty Road at 6 p.m.; one on †††††††Bay Shore Road at 6:30 p.m.


7. The B.O.S. signed an Ordinance for Referendum Voting on two referendums for June 22, 2007. One is the Shellfish amendment and the other is on the cap on selectmen's compensation. They will be given to the Town Clerk.


8. George motioned to appoint Ann Dowrick to the Human Resource Committee; Brenda, 2nd; Vote: 3-0.


9. George has spoken with Bill Dale about his invoices and Bill has agreed to itemize his future bills.


Meeting Adjourned:

10. George made a motion to adjourn at 9:25 p.m.; Brenda, 2nd; Vote: 3-0.


Meeting Reconvened:

11. The Board reconvened briefly at 9:40 p.m. to cover two items:

A. Brenda made a motion that, in light of the recent Planning Board decision regarding the Ferry landing, the citizensí petition delivered earlier this evening be reviewed with Bill Dale. Jack seconded the motion; Vote: 3-0.

B. George moved to donate $12 to the Wiscasset Newspaper for the Graduation Senior Class of Wiscasset High School as we have in the past. Brenda seconded the motion; Vote: 3-0.

Meeting Adjourned:

12. George motioned to adjourn at 9:42 p.m.; Jack, 2nd; Vote: 3-0.

Respectfully submitted,




††††††††††††††††††††††† †††

George D. Richardson, Jr.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Brenda J. Bonyun††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† John B. Swanton