Board of Selectmen, Assessors & Overseers of the Poor

May 26, 2009



BOS:                George D. Richardson, Jr.; Brenda J. Bonyun; Ross A. Norton

Citizens:            David Bertran; Dennis Dunbar; Richard DeVries


Business Conducted:

1.      The meeting commenced at 12:08 p.m.

2.      Warrant No. 47 for $4958.58 was reviewed. George moved to approve it. Ross 2nd. Vote 3-0.

3.      The minutes of May 18 were reviewed. George moved to approve. Brenda 2nd. Vote 3-0.

4.      Dennis Dunbar discussed the request of the Community Center for $8000. George suggested we wait until after the Wiscasset town meeting to look at figures before we make suggestions or discuss options with Todd Souza.

5.      Dennis Dunbar, Richard DeVries and David Bertran presented the B.O.S. with a suggested warrant article to retain the school buses and lease them to the RSU rather than to transfer the title. The BOS will request a legal opinion on that issue.

6.      The three gentlemen also discussed their concerns about the cost of joining the RSU and believe the legislative body was misled as to the actual costs.

7.      The board received one response in reference to the request to move town meeting. Mr. Allen is against the idea.

8.      George motioned to approve an abatement for M6 L52.1 owned by David Soule for $7.50. Brenda 2nd. Vote 3-0.

9.      George motioned to approve Barb Delario of M1 L75 for an abatement of $618.98 and list the lot as restricted view. Ross 2nd. Vote 3-0.

10.  The BOS received only one bid for the mowing of the Town Hall and Town office. John Wallace bid to do the mowing at the Town Hall for $25 and at the Town Office for $10. George moved to accept his bid. Brenda 2nd, noting it was just $5 more than last year’s bid for the Town Hall. Vote 3-0. The board will send him a letter of acceptance and request a copy of his insurance.

11.  The BOS reviewed a survey of the Baker Road provided by Karl Olson and Associates, Inc. George moved to send it to Bill Dale along with the letter and pictures from Ann Cavanaugh, Health Officer. Ross 2nd. Vote 3-0.

12.  George moved to appoint Pam Frenier as the deputy Town Clerk. Brenda 2nd. Vote 3-0.

13.  Ross announced we now have an outside light in the town office parking lot.

14.  Susan Partelow donated a digital camera to the town office for use in assessing. We will send her a thank you card.

15.  George suggested we send Mr. Huggins a letter asking him to commit to a date to remove the debris from his property. Brenda and Ross agreed.


Meeting Adjourned:

16.  George moved to adjourn at 1:40 p.m. Ross 2nd. Vote 3-0


Respectfully submitted,




George D. Richardson              Brenda J. Bonyun                     Ross A. Norton