JULY 13, 2009



Board members:  George D. Richardson, Jr., Gerald A. Bodmer and Ross A. Norton

Citizens:  None

Guests:  Charlotte Boynton of the Wiscasset Newspaper

          Greg Foster of Lincoln County News


Meeting Commenced:

1.  Selectman George D. Richardson, Jr called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


Business Conducted:

2. Warrant: The Selectmen reviewed and George motioned to approve Warrant No. 2 for $ 9,016.38; Ross, 2nd; vote; 3-0.


3. Minutes: The minutes of the July 06, 2009 meeting were reviewed. George motioned to accept as written; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0


4. Town Landing: George advised that the hearing on the Town Landing is to be held on site on July 27, 2009 at 11:00am. Newspapers were notified.


5. Appointments: George motioned to appoint the following:

Town Clerk & Registrar of Voters: Pam Frenier for 1 year

Board of Appeals: Ben Crehore as Alternate for 1 year

Lincoln County Consortium: Joe Donohue as Assistant Rep.

Constable/Animal Control Officer: Amos (Bud) Greenleaf for 1 year

E-911 Coordinator: Marcia Gray for 1 year

Deputy E-911 Coordinator: Richard Gray for 1 year

Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Registrar of Voters and Deputy Tax Collector:  Dedee Greenleaf-Hodgdon

Code Enforcement Officer: Gary Richardson for 1 year

Excise Tax Collector: Dedee Greenleaf-Hodgdon for 1 year

Tax Collector, Treasurer & Administrative Assistant: Susan Partelow for 1 year

Harbor Master and Port Warden: Frank (Bud) Gallagher for 1 year

Deputy Harbor Master and Port Warden: Daniel Bradford for 1 year

Jerry seconded the motion; vote: 3-0


6. Voting Ballot for MMA: Selectmen reviewed the MMA voting ballot provided on the members running for office. George motioned to vote for Mark Green for a one year term as Vice President and vote for the unopposed candidates for the Executive Committee positions; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0


7. Tax Commitment 2008-2009: Selectmen signed the Assessors Return, Commitment papers and the Certification of Assessment for the period of July 01, 2008 to June 30, 2009.


8. Jon Williams questions: George motioned to provide his handwritten responses to the Administrative Assistant and to advise her to contact Mr. Willams that they will be available at the Town office for his consideration; Ross, 2nd; vote: 3-0


9. Abatement: George received back the $7.50 abatement for the Soule property (Map 6, Lot 52.1). At the request of the owner, George made a motion to offer the money to the Human Resource Committee; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0


10. Huggins Property: George advised that William Butler from the DEP has agreed to meet with the CEO on 07/22/09 at 8:30 am to do a site inspection.



Meeting Adjourned:


George moved to adjourn at 13:28; Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


Respectively submitted,




George D. Richardson, Jr.                   




Gerald A. Bodmer                   




Ross A. Norton