Town of Westport Island

Board of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Meeting

July 26, 2010



Selectmen:  George D. Richardson Jr., Gerald A. Bodmer and Ross Norton

Citizen:       Bill Cooney, Dennis Dunbar and Albert Greenleaf, Jr.

Guests:        Charlotte Boynton of the Wiscasset Newspaper                                      


Meeting Commenced: 

1. George called the meeting to order at 12: 10 p.m.


Business Conducted:

2. Warrants:

Jerry motioned to approve Warrants (Regular and Payroll) No. 3 dated 7/19/10 for $19,378.12; George, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


George motioned to approve Warrant No. 4 for $111,760.61 and Payroll Warrant No. 4 for $134.17.17;  Ross, 2nd; vote: 3-0.  


3. Minutes: The minutes of the July 12, 2010 meeting were reviewed. George motioned to accept as written; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0. 


4. Citizens issues:

A. Bill Cooney requested that the B.O.S. consider brush clearing and mowing at the flag pole area on the head of the island. He offered to present the B.O.S. suggestions on how to proceed. He further advised that the Town Hall Committee will repaint the Town Hall sign on the building but will need to get someone to remove it then replace it when done.


B. Dennis Dunbar offered that the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust on August 3 will provide a public tour of the Bonyun Preserve as well as unveil the display showing the history of the lumber and grist mills on the site.


C. Albert Greenleaf Jr. presented a map survey dated May 10, 1988 by Lemeux Brown showing the width of Greenleaf Cove Road to be 33 ft. George advised him that  Baker Road is currently (2) rods wide (1 rod is 16.5’ / 2 rods is 33 ft.). Albert’s ensuing argument ended when George advised him to bring the Town to court if he had an issue with the Town.


5. Jetty Project:  George motioned to the other two Selectmen to allow him to sign the Back River Jetty Project Agreement between the State and the Town; Ross, 2nd; vote: 3-0.





Meeting Adjourned:


6. George moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:15 p.m.; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0.




Respectfully submitted,





George D. Richardson, Jr.                   





Gerald A. Bodmer                              





Ross Norton