AUGUST 23, 2006




Board Members:  George D. Richardson, Jr., Brenda J. Bonyun, Jack B. Swanton



Citizens:  Bill Cooney, Ben Crehore, Carole & Dennis Dunbar, Fire Chief Bob Mooney,

                Ruth Nelson and Susan Partelow     


Guests:  Charlotte Boynton of the Wiscasset Newspaper


Meeting Commenced:


1.                  George called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Business Conducted:


2.                  Warrant No. 8 for $4,690.98 was presented. Jack moved to accept; George, 2nd;

             vote: unanimous.


3.      The minutes of the August 16, 2006 meeting were reviewed.  George amended the first item; Jack, 2nd; vote: unanimous.  George moved to accept the minutes as amended; Jack, 2nd; vote: unanimous.


4.      Bill Cooney reported he spoke with Amy Winston, and she agreed to add the payment plan to the Town Hall painting contract.  Also, he said that preparations for bidding the furnace replacement contract are nearly done.


5.      Citizens’ Issue:  Dennis Dunbar asked if there was an answer to his depreciation assessing question.  George said it would be discussed with the Certified Maine Assessor this Saturday.


6.      George asked Dennis about whether dogs were allowed on the Bonyun Preserve.  Dennis said he would check what conditions there were and see if the signage was appropriate.


7.      The Town has received a copy of the approved “Permit by Rule” from the DEP for the Municipal Landing.  The other approvals will be arriving within a month.

8.      Jack agreed to contact Larry O’Toole concerning a non-conforming deck permitted in 1998.


9.      The date of the Special Town meeting was set for September 28, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.


10.  The draft of a set of directives for the Compensation Committee was amended to request that their final report be ready by September 20, 2006.  It was also decided to forward them a copy of the Committee Minutes Policy for the Town.


11.  A letter was prepared to answer a couple of requests for information about how appointments are filled.  Jack agreed to e-mail this letter to the WICIC.


12.  Susan Partelow asked the selectmen if there was a policy on personal phone calls and faxes received at the town office.  She described 3 instances where important calls did not reach her.  The selectmen agreed to meet with the employees and seek a mutually agreeable solution.


Meeting Adjourned:


13.  George moved to adjourn at 9:32 p.m.; Brenda, 2nd; Vote: unanimous. The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted:




George D. Richardson, Jr.                        




Brenda J. Bonyun                                     




John B. Swanton