September 15, 2008



Board members: George D. Richardson, Jr. and Ross Norton                  

Citizens: Ron Harrison, Debra Harrison, Mort Mendes and Ruth & John Nelson

Guests:  Charlotte Boynton of Wiscasset Newspaper and Bob Fairfield


Meeting Commenced:

1.  George called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.


Business Conducted:


2.       Warrant No.11 for $57,110.00 was reviewed.  George moved to approve; Ross, 2nd;

Vote: 2-0.


3.       The minutes of the September 8th meeting were reviewed.  Ross moved to approve;

George, 2nd; Vote: 2-0. 


4.       A letter was received from Patricia Kablitz of MMA Risk Management stating the Board of Trustees voted to allow a dividend to the members of the fund who met the established criteria.  Westport Island received a check for $645.00. 


5.       A letter was received from Geoff Herman of MMA stating there is a possibility that there are some inappropriate tree growth enrollments.


6.       The Conservation Commission drafted a letter seeking intervener status on the Wiscasset Tidal Power Project, Docket No. P-13246.


7.       A letter was sent to Albert Greenleaf, Jr. requesting him to cease all work on town roads, i.e. Baker Road, until the suit is settled.


8.       George asked Ron Harrison to return the town’s 2 radios and antennas within 2 weeks.


9.       A letter was received from the Planning Board (David Spiegel) concerning pending ordinance changes.  A public meeting will be held on Saturday, September 27 at 9:00 am to discuss any issues.


10.   Harry Crooker & Sons, Inc. faxed a quote of $7.00 per cubic yard for winter sand, and an additional $7.00 per cubic yard for delivery.


11.   An anonymous letter was received complaining about the mosquitoes encountered while walking past the Mendes’ property on Main Road. 


12.   The Tax Collector’s report was reviewed:

Total Commitment:  $1,297,746.62

Received:                      405,455.24

Taxes Due:                    892,291.38


13.   A letter was received from Mort Mendes o behalf of Ron Harrison requesting discussion of Ron’s proposal to rent his salt shed to the town.  George motioned to table until the September 22, 2008 meeting; Ross, 2nd; Vote: 2-0.


Meeting Adjourned:


14.   George motioned to adjourn at 7:38 pm; Ross, 2nd; Vote 2-0.  The meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,




George D. Richardson, Jr.                     





Ross Norton