OCTOBER 4, 2006





Selectmen: George D. Richardson, Jr. and Jack Swanton


Citizens: Bill Cooney, Dennis Dunbar, Ron and Debra Harrison, Woody Hodgkins and

               Linda Waltz


Guest:   Charlotte Boynton of the Wiscasset Newspaper



Meeting Commenced:


1.   George called the meeting to order at 7:14 p.m.       A quorum was present.


Business Conducted:


2.      George motioned to approve Warrant No.14 for $6,846.34.  Jack seconded the motion; vote: 2-0.


3.      Minutes of the September 27th Town Hall Furnace Bid opening and Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers meeting were reviewed.  George moved to accept as written; Jack, 2nd; vote: 2-0.


4.      Bill Cooney reported on his research into the 2 lowest bidders for the Town Hall furnace project and although the units were of different manufacture, they were equivalent.  George moved to accept the bid of Tilas Heating noting that his bid was the lowest and that he was local (Wiscasset) rather than from Bristol.  Jack seconded the motion adding that Tilas would be installing the exact furnace that was requested.  The vote was 2-0.


5.      Jack’s inspection report of town stockpiles of sand and salt at Ron Harrison’s was submitted.  Ron agreed that it was an accurate report. 



George moved that he would contact a salt supplier to deliver a trailer load of salt. Jack seconded the motion; vote: 2-0.  George moved to have Ron haul 2,300 cyd of sand at $6.50 per cyd.  Jack seconded the motion; vote: 2-0.  Ron agreed to haul it for that price.


6.      The certification of the new Site Plan Review Ordinance for the Town Clerk was signed by the Selectmen.


7.      The letter from C.M.A. Eugene Huskins concerning Robert Whitney and Marcy Axelrad’s assessment was reviewed.  It was decided to table any action on it until meeting with the C.M.A. this weekend.


8.      A complaint was received by the C.E.O. from Barters Island that someone was living in the Valleau’s boathouse on September 30, 2006.  The C.E.O. investigated but only found fresh tire tracks.

Jack agreed to contact Mr.Valleau and get a written response.


9.      George moved to have Land Use Attorney Bill Dale be present at the new planning board meeting on October 10th as they deliberate the Ferry Landing application.  Jack seconded the motion; vote: 2-0.



Meeting Adjourned:


10.  George moved to adjourn at 8:52 p.m.; Jack, 2nd; vote: 2-0.


Respectfully submitted,


Westport Island Board of Selectmen




George D. Richardson, Jr.




Jack B. Swanton