October 25, 2006

Town of Westport Island

Board of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Meeting




Selectmen:        George Richardson, Brenda Bonyun and Jack Swanton


Citizens:            Ben Crehore, Dennis Dunbar, Ruth Nelson


Guests:             Charlotte Boynton from Wiscasset Newspaper

                        Wiscasset High School P.O.D.students: Danelia Coburn, Shannon Foss,

                              Justin Jones, Carly Dalton, Kara Daggett


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.


1.      The selectmen reviewed Warrant No. 17 for $235,523.51, a large portion of which was county taxes.  George moved to approve the warrant; Jack, 2nd; vote: unanimous.

2.      The selectmen reviewed the minutes of October 18. George moved to accept the minutes as written; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous.

3.      Citizens Issues:

a.       Dennis Dunbar spoke about the Conservation Committee’s plans to explore the idea of applying for a grant valued under $10,000 for Clough Point. It will be used to make it handicapped accessible. They will need a cover letter signed by the B.O.S. stating they are in favor of the project.  The B.O.S. agreed the committee should go ahead and proceed with the preparation.

b.      Dennis Dunbar expressed concern that the cover letter for the tax bills expressed it had been released without fine tuning. He asked if they would get a revision or request an abatement.  He was informed his questions would be answered in a few minutes, when the selectmen went over the tax cards in front of them. His card was on the agenda. Also, he was informed Eugene Huskins, CMA, will be here November 11th and 12th to discuss tax assessment issues.

4.      Steve Thomas of Sharon Drake Real Estate sent a letter regarding a pier, ramp and float on Map 3 Lot 17.1.  The lot is being sold, but needs a letter signed by the selectmen stating the pier, ramp and float are grandfathered. George motioned to sign and fax the letter; Jack, 2nd; vote: unanimous. A copy is attached to these minutes.

5.      A public hearing is set for the 26th of October at 7 p.m. on the referendum ballot for the budget committee.


6.      Marcy Axelrad and Robert Whitney wish to meet on November 24 to discuss assessing questions. George suggested Jack email and remind them to choose a Saturday or Sunday so Gene can attend. They will be notified of the Nov. 11 and 12 possibilities.

7.      George still has to work on the valuation, but the mill rate has been set at 5.80.

8.      The Town of Wiscasset will host a TABOR panel discussion on November 2nd at

6:30 p.m. in the Middle School gym.

9.      All of the selectmen haven’t yet reviewed the compensation committee report. They will take it up next week.

10.  The selectmen discussed a new Freedom of Access Act policy which is designed to make access easier for residents and allows staff time to prepare materials at times when it doesn’t interfere with regular work duty. Jack moved to accept the policy; George, 2nd; vote: unanimous.  A copy is attached to these minutes.

11.  Lori Chapman sent a request for information on who owns the property at 88 Bay Shore Road.  Susan will answer that question.

12.  Gene Huskins submitted a bill for assessing work. It was for 84 hours at $40 per hour, giving the town a break from the usual $50 per hour.

13.  The B.O.S. received a letter from the cemetery committee stating all of the work they have accomplished this year. George moved to send a thank you to the committee; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous. Brenda will write the letter.

14.  There was a request from Marianne Williams for minutes of B.O.S. meetings for 1999, 2000, 2003, and 2004. Jack will email her.

15.  We received a note from Darren Jones regarding his property tax. He pointed out he is assessed on 1.75 acres but owns 2.5 acres. It has been corrected in the computer. Darren was thanked for his honesty and will not be charged for past error as it is the town’s oversight on Map 7, Lot 70.1.

16.  The B.O.S. reviewed letters to property owners from Eugene Huskins reference assessments:

a.       Mr. Hempstead - Map 6, Lot 116: George moved we accept the letter of explanation to Mr. Hempstead; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous.

b.      Mr. DiPietro - Map 6, Lot 27.1: Concerns about fairness of his deep water assessment. Gene recommended changing the method for all property of this nature, resulting in a reduction. George moved to accept his recommendation; Jack, 2nd; vote: unanimous. This resulted in a reduction in the valuation of $141,500.

c.       Jeanette Brown - Map 4, Lot 15.11: Stated the lot is a common area. Gene’s letter explains the deed is in her name so she is responsible for the taxes. George made a motion to concur with Gene’s letter; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous.

d.      Dennis Dunbar - Map 4, Lot 43.10: Valuation reduced by $114,334 because it is a 1 story building, not 1 ¾ stories.  George moved to approve Gene’s letter; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous.

e.       Brad Kain - Map 7, Lot 69.7:. Gene’s letter is not clear as there were no figures included. George moved to table this letter until it can be discussed with Gene; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous.


17.  There was no other business to be brought before the board.

18.  George motioned to adjourn at 9:35 p.m.; Brenda, 2nd; vote: unanimous.



Respectfully submitted,




George D. Richardson, Jr.                   




Brenda J. Bonyun                    




Jack B. Swanton