NOVEMBER 1, 2006




Board members present: George D. Richardson Jr., Brenda Bonyun and Jack Swanton


Citizens present: E. Davies Allan & Nancy Shaul, Allan & Judy Bebout, Jan Brown, Ben Crehore, Linda Davis, Richard DeVries, Curt & Susan Downer, Dennis & Carole Dunbar, John Gleason, Mort & Scott Mendes and John & Ruth Nelson


Guests Present: Danielia Coburn, Carly Dalton and Shannon Foss



Meeting Commenced:


1.       George opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m. 


Business Conducted:


2.       Warrant No. 18 for $3,531.57 was reviewed.  George moved to accept; Brenda, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


3.       The minutes of the October 25, 2006 meeting were reviewed.  George moved to accept; Jack, 2nd: vote: 3-0.


4.       Town Clerk Linda Davis reported on the concern raised at the hearing on October 26, 2006, regarding the ballots for the town referendum question and how they would be counted.  A tally sheet will be reviewed on Monday before the election.  The list of poll workers was reviewed.  Two substitutions were made.  George moved to accept; Jack, 2nd; vote: 2-0. (Brenda had to leave.)


5.       A letter from Amy Winston asked for a date for a public hearing to complete the grant process for the CDB grant.  A date of December 6, 2006 at 6:45 p.m. was set.


6.       George moved to approve the RTP Grant application as presented by Dennis Dunbar of the Conservation Commission.  Jack seconded the motion; vote: 2-0.


7.       The abatements approved at the last meeting were signed.  




Meeting Adjourned:


8.       George moved to adjourn at 9:00 pm; Jack, 2nd; vote: 2-0.


Westport Island Board of Selectmen




George D. Richardson, Jr.                          




Brenda J. Bonyun         




John B. Swanton