Town of Westport Island

Board of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers Meeting

November 21, 2011



George D. Richardson, Jr, Gerald A. Bodmer & Ross Norton

Citizens: John & Ruth Nelson, Ann Cavanaugh, Carole Bodmer


1. BOS Meeting Commenced:

George called the meeting to order at 07:00 p.m.


Business Conducted;


2. Warrant:

George motioned to approve Warrant # 21 for a total of $109,479.98

(Payroll- $ 3.106.25 Payables- $ 106,373.73); Ross 2nd, vote 3-0


3. BOS Minutes:

George motioned to accept the minutes of November 7, 2011. Jerry 2nd, vote 2-0

George motioned to accept the minutes of November 14, 2011. Ross 2nd, vote 3-0


4. Citizen Issues:

John Nelson advised the BOS of the numerous tasks completed by the Wright Committee this past year. He wanted to not only recognize the outstanding efforts of the Committee but those of the Committee Chairman Art Ballard in his co-ordination of these efforts as well as the actual time he has unselfishly spent ensuring that the tasks got done. George motioned to enter this acknowledgement into the Town record and suggested that the BOS find a way to thank Art and the Committee for the many hours and money that they saved the Town on the Ferry Landing property; Ross 2nd , vote 3-0


5. Registry of Deeds files transfer:

George motioned to fill out a Registry Office form which will allow the BOS and other Town officials to use the Registry Office Website (vice paying the new $1.00 per copy fee) to obtain the property transfers used in assessing ; Ross 2nd , vote 3-0




6. Jetty Progress:

George advised that while currently the Jetty construction was on hold due to problems in installing Cribs # 5 & 6, Pine Tree Engineering (Steve Dewick) and Dave Allen were working on a plan to bring before the BOS on how to proceed.



7. BOS meetings during the Christmas Season:

George motioned that BOS meetings would not be held on Dec. 26, 2011 & January 2, 2012 to allow Town officials time to spend with their families; Ross 2nd, vote 3-0



8. Meeting Adjourned:

George moved to adjourn the meeting at 07:50 p.m.; Ross 2nd, vote 3-0




Respectfully submitted,



George D. Richardson, Jr. 1st Selectman



Gerald A. Bodmer 2nd Selectman



Ross Norton 3rd Selectmen