Westport is linked in a number of ways to other nearby communities.  In particular, Westport benefits from and supports the role of Wiscasset as a Service Center for the immediate region.  The following is a summary of Westport’s regional coordination/cooperation efforts.  This Plan envisions that these efforts will continue to be supported, and that they will benefit all participating communities.


Fire Protection: Dispatching service is provided by Lincoln County to the Fire Department volunteers through pagers.  The Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with all of Lincoln County through the Lincoln County Fire Chiefs Association.


Library: Westport regularly provides financial support to the Wiscasset Library; Westport residents can obtain membership at no charge.


Public Health and Social Services: Westport provides financial support to a number of public health and social service agencies which, in turn, provide assistance to Westport residents.  These agencies include Kno-Wal-Lin, Senior Spectrum, Coastal Economic Development, Coastal Trans, New Hope for Women, Jessie Albert Dental Clinic, and Lincoln County Animal Shelter.


Schools: Westport buses most of its students to the Wiscasset school system. School Committee members from Westport have been meeting with officials from Edgecomb, Woolwich, Arrowsic and Georgetown to explore options for the future education of Westport children.


Solid Waste: Westport pays an annual fee to Wiscasset so that Westport residents can taken their solid waste to the Wiscasset Waste Transfer Station.  Town residents also use the nearby Lincoln County recycling facility located near the Wiscasset Waste Transfer Station.


Recreational Facilities: Westport relies on Wiscasset for the use of various recreational facilities which are available to Westport residents through the school system.